So, I’ll be uploading the first mini-episode soon. (It’s actually already up on YouTube.)

The mini-episodes are a bit different than the regular episodes. In-story, Phillip records the show and posts the episodes online (as will be explained in a future episode).

Sometimes, though, he finds that a show is already taking place, and can only record part of it because of that. The result is an episode like these. Most of these shows take place later at night at an unusual hour, and tend to have a more “loose” format.


The preliminary schedule for episodes:

Every month, a “regular” episode will be released, then about a week later a mini-episode will be released. After that there will be a bit of a break until the following month, when the pattern will repeat. I’m releasing this mini-episode a bit early, I know, but I’m still kind of getting used to this schedule and stuff. Before the next full episode there will probably be a few weeks.

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