This show is written, narrated, and produced by Arthur Walterson.


Besides listening to the show on this blog, you can also listen to it on iTunes (or directly subscribe to the feed here) or on the show’s YouTube channel.

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All background and intro music, unless stated otherwise, is produced by Eddie Palmer.


All featured songs, unless stated otherwise, are recordings made from a collection of 78 RPM records available to the creator of the show. Their original creation dates range from about 1910-1950. Before they are put on the show, they are researched to make sure there are no official recordings available to the public in the form of CD’s or audio files sold by the current copyright owners of the music. As such, this show is the only place you’ll ever have a chance of hearing them unless you can somehow hunt down a copy of the record.


If you are the copyright owner of any of the songs used in the show, feel they are being misused, and wish for the creator to take them off of the show, then you can contact him through his email and he will remove the songs.

108point3 (at)